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Dean Kilby

Health and Wellbeing

Dean Kilby

Educated in biochemistry and microbiology, Dean graduated with first class honours in biotechnology and undertook subsequent post-graduate training in molecular medicine.  His scientific and clinical experience has since spanned the pharmaceutical industry, medical communication, and scientific consulting from metabolic disease to regenerative medicine – both in Australia and internationally.

Further to this, Dean has extensive experience in transformational performance coaching and has been a leading trainer across the ANZ region for almost 15 years.  He founded Simplr Health with a commitment to contribute the possibility of being well to big people with big lives.


Ozge Fettahlioglu

Interior Design and Renovation

Ozge Fettahlioglu

Ozge Fettahlioglu is an interior design enthusiast, dedicated renovation expert, and academic, teaching at prestigious Sydney universities. Her journey in the world of design is guided by a passion to elevate lives by elevating their surroundings. She believes in custom creations to get the best results, where homes truly sing the right song.

Her forte lies in uncovering creative, personalised solutions for interior design, renovation or property sales challenges, ensuring that your dream design becomes a living reality while staying within budget.

At the core of her design philosophy is a commitment to timeless elegance over fleeting trends. She ardently advocates for investing in quality, crafting interiors that stand the test of time and hold sentimental value, destined to be cherished by generations to come.

She firmly believes that a home should be a mirror reflecting its inhabitants, echoing their personalities, lifestyles, and stories, rather than merely conforming to passing trends or glossy magazine covers. As an academic, she draws on scientifically researched design principles to curate environments that empower you and your family to flourish and create the future you desire.

With a deep dedication to creating spaces that resonate with your senses and aspirations, she guides you on a transformative design journey. To make your dream home a reality, where every element harmoniously contributes to your unique living experience.

Professional Memberships: Masterbuilders, Women Building Australia, WIDAC-Women in Design and Construction, Head of Interior Design and Renovation Committee SIPBN, Design Matters National.

Reza Khademlou

Renewable Energy

Reza Khademlou

Reza is an experienced technology consultant, a member of  Engineers Australia (EA) and a certified PBA. With over seven years in the tech industry, he is particularly passionate about clean energy, with a focus on hydrogen, EV technologies, and energy storage solutions. Known for his entrepreneurial spirit, he is a well-connected figure in Australia’s startup ecosystem, providing mentorship and investment support to emerging businesses, both locally and internationally.

In addition, Reza is involved in the Angel Investing scene. He concentrates on innovative technologies with high potential and is committed to ensuring that driven founders get the financial backing they need to bring their visions to life and transform the tech sector.

He is also acting as the Vice President of Education for the University of Sydney’s Toastmasters, a global non-profit organisation. In this role, he engages with students and mentors them to aim for excellence, equipping them for the evolving landscape of business.

Reza’s overarching mission is to help shape a future in which technology serves as a key enabler for unlocking human potential. He is dedicated to empowering positive change by encouraging innovation, refining operational processes, and cultivating collaborations that lead to enduring and significant impact for everyone involved.