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Garry Simonian
Garry Simonian

Successful and Innovative Entrepreneur


Garry Simonian is a successful and innovative Entrepreneur with an extensive hospitality background and a remarkable career spanning over 30 years. He has a strong emphasis on sustainability which is carried throughout his businesses. rough his visionary leadership, he has propelled himself and his businesses to great heights in the industry. Along his journey, Simonian’s unwavering commitment to excellence and sustainability has driven his success. He has e-ectively combined his passion for hospitality with deep-rooted concern for environmental conservation, resulting in the acquisition and management of over 25 thriving venues across Sydney, Queensland and Los Angeles. A keen understanding of sustainable practices has positioned himas a pioneer in the field. His innovative approach to operations has allowed Garry to implement eco-friendly initiatives within his establishments, leading the way in creating greener and more socially responsible hospitality spaces.